📝Proposal Submissions

Submit a Proposal

Any Alp owner or delegate may submit a proposal as long as they meet the proposal threshold. This threshold is the minimum number of Alp tokens you need, whether owned or delegated to you and the threshold can be changed via proposal.

Current threshold: 1 Alp is required to submit proposals.

A proposal is one or more transactions to be executed by the Alps smart contract suite. Proposals can range from funding addresses to more complex structures that interact with other contracts.

Below are instructions for Alp owners to submit a proposal to Alps.

Proposal to fund a project via transfer of funds

Most Alps proposals will likely revolve around funding teams that build on the Nouns, Alps or Gnars protocols. For this reason, the basic template for a proposal is to send ETH to one or multiple addresses from the Alps treasury. To do so, follow the instructions below:

  1. Head over to the proposals (DAO) page and click on the "Create Proposal" button.

  2. Click the "Add Transaction" button. The "Add a Proposal Transaction" modal should pop up. Follow the steps in the modal as follows:

    • Step 1: Address is the address of the desired recipient

    • Step 2: Value is the amount of ETH to be sent to the recipient denominated in ETH

    • Skip step 3 and 4. These steps are required for external contract interactions.

    • Step 5: Review that both address and value are correct. If so, click the "Add Transaction" button.

  3. If your proposal requires multiple transactions, repeat step 2 with each recipient address.

  4. Fill in the proposal title and description. Descriptions accept markdown for formatting and you can use an online editor (eg dillinger.io or HackMD) to compose and preview.

  5. Submit your proposal by clicking the "Create Proposal" button. The wallet submitting the proposal must hold or be delegated the minimum threshold of the total Alps supply to submit.


  • Governance proposals occur onchain and require a transaction. Ethereum transactions require paying a transaction fee, when you submit a proposal you will have to pay the transaction fee. While Alps' governance contracts use techniques to reduce the amount of gas required to submit a proposal it may still be a significant to submit your proposal.

  • We're planning a potential migration to a layer 2 network like Zora which would reduce costs of all aspects.

If your proposal involves transactions that interact with other contracts, please reach out via the Alps Discord so we can help you out!

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