🤝How We Work Together

Being a DAO means that team members are actually the community of like-minded individuals who collectively work together towards the shared vision, mission and objectives.

Team members (including the founders) participate without compensation unless compensatory proposals are submitted and voted on by the community of Alp token holders

The group is open for others to join who show passion and dedication to the mission.

Community Roles

  • Community Management & Moderation

  • Development & Engineering

  • Partnership Building

  • Event Organisation & Support

  • Marketing

Alpine Council

There's a group called the Alpine Council, which are early contributors and supporters. This group's aim is to help steward the community and new members, guide initiatives and collectively vote on proposals.

Founder Roles

The founders of Alps are committed to actively steer growth and proliferation from the beginning to help guide the course. Over time, the founders aim to relinquish all control to the community.

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