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WTF is Alps?

What is Alps and what are Alp tokens?
Alps is an extension of Nouns focused on establishing long term relationships with alpine resorts to proliferate Nouns, provide unique membership perks to members and support proposals that enhance on-mountain environments.
Don’t know what a DAO is? Read more here.
Membership is open to anyone who holds an Alp token. Alps are ERC-721 tokens (NFTs) and are minted onchain (i.e. all artwork and metadata is stored directly on the Ethereum blockchain).
Alps are 32x32 pixel SVG artworks, created by hand and layered generatively using the Alps protocol. Each Alp is uniquely different in terms of trait combinations and token ID.
Alps may be purchased first-hand via live bidding on the auction site or purchased on secondary marketplaces.
100% of Alp token sale proceeds are sent to the Alps treasury; a permissionless/trustless smart contract that is governed by the community of Alp token holders, whereby each Alp token represents 1 vote. Decisions on the use of treasury funds are determined through the collective voting rights of Alps members, Alp holders.
Alp token holders can benefit from membership perks, community engagement activities and most importantly, support the community’s objectives by submitting and voting on proposals funded by the treasury.
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